WordPress Theme Customization

The REVAMP WordPress Theme Customization

Already existing themes used by thousands of WordPress users are available to use. What is the purpose of the themes if every second business is using them in the market? We at Revamp Web solutions provide WordPress theme customization services and make it your very own website theme without any glitches and any drawbacks. Your website will look like it is created for the very first time, state-of-the-art, bespoke, and fitted into your business requirements. Revamp Web Solutions based in Faisalabad, serving all over the world specially in Singapore USA, UK, Canada, UAE, takes pride in revamping the themes and customizing as per your needs.

The REVAMP Make it your very own website

REVAMP understand that you must have selected a theme that perfectly matches your business's vision but what about the other requirements. To make a ready-made theme your business-oriented website design needs a bundle of tasks and therefore we provide you with these customization offers. Not everything in a theme perfectly matches your business kit, we process the designs, looks, and experience of your website so that it matches with your business tone. In simple and precise words, make it your website.

User interactive interface

Interfaces that speak up for your business are the theme layouts that make your website customer-oriented. In WordPress theme customization in Faisalabad we make themes interactive, easy to use, convenient, and participatory. The REVAMP made themes take every customer to next level of their queries and concerns. User interactive themes talk to clients directly or indirectly.


Custom-designed WordPress theme Responsive designs

The REVAMP Custom-made website themes are made based on given requirements. We take pride in making custom-designed WordPress themes in Faisalabad that stand out the most. It is barely recognizable that a theme has been such marvelous way designed and customized that it looks what your business deserves. The Revamp Web and Software Development solutions provide the digital marketing, e-commerce website, or just a casual blog it must be looking like your theme. Customized means bespoke, made just for you and made just the way your customers want to interact with your business.


These days designs that interact with every possible digital device be it desktop, laptop, mobile or tab are the most demanding and top-notch designs. The REVAMPWEBSOL make websites that are super responsive and adjust themselves according to the interface of the device. For example, in a mobile mode, the website must shrink down its structure so that a feasible and visible structure and content can be reachable. Search engines quickly adapt responsive websites and customers also interact greatly with user responsive websites that shape up themselves according to the user device.

Benefits of using the WordPress Platform


Flexible and Adaptable for Changing Needs

User-friendly—Even for Beginners

Themes Offer Multiple Options

Plugins Extend Functionality

WordPress Sites Rank High

WordPress Sites Are Mobile Responsive

WordPress Sites Have a Built-In Blog

The WordPress Community Offers Support

Follow up maintenance for customized themes

Time to time needs change, business requirement changes, and more features and improved versions are needed. A single themed website may not be enough to fulfill your business needs by the year 2023, this is the reason we provide follow-up maintenance for customized theme built-in Revamp Web solutions in Faisalabad. We are committed to providing customization and innovation as long as you demand until your satisfaction.

Plugin addition and customization

A separate functional extension that is designed and installed for its unique purpose and functionality is called a plugin. Plugins are available for almost all the tasks but sometimes the ready-made version may not fit into your website requirements. Thus additions, deletions, and alterations are needed and this is what we do proudly. We can go at any end of customization to make your business flourish from the right platform. We at Revamp Web Solutions a digital solution providing company in Faisalabad, can customize the looks, add and customize built-in SEO features in WordPress, can add extra widgets and functions, and also make the website responsive with the fastest loading time.