WordPress Speed Optimization


Website speed is one of the crucial factors to get optimum traffic and search engine authorities. At Revamp web solutions- a Faisalabad-based digital solution offering company that has served almost every region of the globe provides the best WordPress Speed Optimization services. We help you solve slow site problems, repair web vitals issues and get you higher scores in Google page speed insights. We mend all troubleshoot blackened issues slowing down your website and fix every bug that is pushing your page speed down.

Why WordPress Speed Optimization?

For great customer experience and for quick sales, pages need to be optimized as far as speed is concerned. It takes some neno seconds delay to lose a user’s patience and they click back thus, your website loses a potential lead. If you are probing to get the best results out of your PPC, Digital marketing, Google ads, and other campaigns you need to speed up the page load time. These all efforts are linked back with your landing pages of the website and if they are not vigilant to open within seconds, all in vain. For website owners, it is extremely difficult and technical to fix all the hidden elements that are responsible for slowing down their speed. WordPress Speed Optimization experts at Revamp Web Solutions provide the best fixtures to your slow website pages and make them optimized as per Google speed updates.


Your slow speed is causing your customers to experience terrible for not just newcomers but also for existing ones. One of the Google updates released in the mid of 2020 about core web vitals metrics put a lot of focus on page speed and fast loading.

How I can Help You:

Revamp web solutions have been in this niche for more than 10 years and thousands of websites have been optimized under our expertise. Page speed optimization is pretty straightforward if handled by experts. We at Revamp web solutions, first of all, identify slowing elements that cause your website heavy and unable to load faster. By mending and fixing all those backend glitches a website becomes almost speedy. To tune fast your website getting it in the hands of optimization experts is crucial. The set of the best technical practices to speed up lethargic websites make us stand out from most. Unlike the competitors, we do not just install few plugins, ask for some artificial speed enhancers rather we do painstaking efforts towards your websites. Therefore, the end result of our speed optimization efforts is organic, long-lasting, goal-oriented, result-driven, and most importantly custom-made.








Techniques to Improve Website Speed


We'll install and configure the best caching plugin in its class. The plugin will handle your website's caching, HTML – CSS & JS minification and lazy load your images making your WordPress website load significantly faster.

Slow Plugins

Most plugins can enhance your website's functionality but, at the same time, they can also put a strain on your resources and slow down your site. If you have an underperforming plugin, we'll spot it and suggest an alternative.

Optimize the Database

Running a lean and mean database can translate into faster response times. Over time databases can become bloated with unnecessary content. We can remove all outdated trash and all other superfluous stuff.

Bad Requests

Content that has been moved or no longer exists on your website needs to be deleted or fixed. Otherwise, visitors opening pages with broken links will be delayed as the resources will return a 404 not found error.

Image Compression

We all know that images are byte heavy and can be a massive drag on your website's speed. Using an image compression plugin, we'll compress your images which will improve your load time.

Brute Force

A common attack on WordPress is to hammer the wp-login.php or xmlrpc.php file until a hacker gets access or until the website's memory runs out. By limiting login attempts and configuring .htaccess such an event can be avoided.

Affordable and competitively result driven

Not everyone in the industry is doing what we do for our customers. Custom-designed speed optimization projects that lead your websites do not to load faster but load faster than most of the websites in the same competition. Our services at Revamp web solutions are affordable, competitively priced, and worth it at the end when you will see jaw-dropping results.